LA It will become more expensive to buy your little piece of heaven this year, as lower-than-ever inventory in the City of the Angels continues to be the big story at the beginning of 2016. And with the lack of inventory in Los Angeles comes the inevitable rise in prices. All-cash offers and bidding wars are still the rule in every sought-after neighborhood and price range, especially if properties are correctly priced.

“L.A.’s housing market, despite becoming more expensive and unaffordable, is not in a bubble,” UCLA economist William Yu wrote. “The current rise in home prices seems to be driven by rising effective demand and limited supply, not by speculation. Therefore, the housing bubble burst we experienced several years ago is unlikely to haunt us this year or next, and the smart money will continue to invest here.”

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Moreover, the forecast states that Los Angeles is in the middle of its rebound and can be expected to experience price increases for at least another four years, with values increasing 35%. Obviously the global economy and the current uncertainty about the U.S. elections could play havoc with the predictions, but on the whole, relative to other parts of the country and world, L.A. looks like a pretty darn good investment.

Ed Fitz Market Watch,com